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Restoration Work At Haunted Old First Christian Church In Rialto
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I took this when I worked for a newspaper in the small (then) town of Rialto, California 30 years ago. This is the baptismal fountain alcove in what was formerly the First Christian Church and is now the Kristina Dana Hendrickson Cutlural Center. It houses a museum and the headquarters of the Rialto Historical Society. I had forgotten this picture until I read a new book about a ten-year investigation into the apparent haunting of this place. The church is now fully restored and this alcove is only recognizable by its shape and by the window. The baptismal fountain has been boarded and carpeted over. We went and revisited this church today and got a tour from the author of the book, who is also the historian for the Historical Society (a title which seems amusing to me in its apparent redundancy). We didn't see or hear anything unusual, but plenty of people have. By the way, these two young men were part of a work program of the California Employment and Training Act. Their names, according to the back of the photo, are Gregory Craig (left) and Robert Oppelt.

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